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Using the iPhone 5 with the SlingShot

  • Cases and the iPhone 5

    Certainly, the SlingShot happily works with all cases. And, if you use an Otterbox Defender case in particular, you are in luck! It opens the cradle enough that the phone works just fine in ALL applications with no problems.

    You can see a review that one user posted on YouTube here

  • Main Camera

    The iPhone 5's main (rear-facing) camera shoots spectacular video and the SlingShot works perfectly with it, with or without a case on the phone. Sadly, Apple moved the main camera a bit closer to the edge of the phone, so when shooting stills (not video), there is a dark angled blob in the corner of the image. Putting a case on the phone fixes that, as does pulling the phone up slightly in the cradle. Using flash with still photography causes the image to be a bit washed out because the flash reflects some off of the edge of the cradle back into the lens.

  • Front-facing Camera

    Apple also moved the front-facing camera to the centerline of the phone, which put it right behind the arm of the cradle. Rats! Sliding the phone up in the cradle is a way to get around that, and it brings the phone up higher which puts it a bit more in front of you so you’re not looking down into the camera.

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